At the ARTillerie Group LLC, we nurture and develop careers of visual artists by focusing on their unique talents.

At the ARTillerie Group, we believe that a visual artist has a unique position in modern society. An artist is no longer expected to be a solitary genius, but rather an international creative phenomenon with the ability to speak to audiences around the world using a variety of creative approaches and media. We also believe that when an artist attempts to accomplish the artist's own entrepreneurial global outreach, self-promotion and continuous networking, the artist's creative process is interrupted.

We listen to each artist's expectations and develop creative management solutions that fit the artist's vision.

At the ARTillerie Group, we also provide consultations for private art collectors who would like to establish or expand their collections. As John Updike wrote, "collectors invest in the future, assembling a perpetuation of their best, most discriminating selves." 



Maria Kraybill,

The ARTillerie Group LLC art advisory

The Artillerie Group Llc in Philadelphia

Maria V. Kraybill is the principal of the Philadelphia-based agency The ARTillerie Group, LLC. She practiced law in Russia and the United States for over a decade until visual artists convinced her that she needed to work for them.

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