The ARTillerie Group LLC in Philadelphia, PA Maria Kraybill

Our services for artists include:

  • agency representation nationally and internationally
  • negotiating privately commissioned work
  • curatorial and exhibition opportunities
  • organizing private events with organizations and individual collectors
  • assisting in dealings with galleries, private collectors, institutions and corporations​
  • filing federal registration of copyrights

​​​ visual artists agency

Our focus is on the artist.

it is based on respect, leadership and loyalty.

"Artillery lends dignity

to what might otherwise be a vulgar brawl"

Frederick the Great

the artillerie group llc


Our services for private collectors include:

  • consulting about establishing and expanding an art collection
  • advising on acquisition and sale of specific artwork
  • arranging domestic and international transportation of artwork​​
  • planning private art events​ and fundraisers

The Artillerie Group Llc in Philadelphia

our strategy is simple.

let the artist do the art,

while we do the rest.