Maria Kraybill


Services Include: 

  • ​Artwork Research and Acquisition
  • Expansion of Existing Art Collection
  • Artwork Curation and Exhibition Management 
  • Artwork Licensing 
  • Artwork Logistics and Transportation
  • Art Events Planning and Fundraisers
  • Collaboration with Art Galleries, Architects and Designers

The Artillerie Group Llc in Philadelphia

The ARTillerie Art Advisory ​provides consulting services to new and established collectors who are interested in contemporary art from both the primary and secondary markets.  Our goal is to introduce art collectors to diverse and meaningful contemporary art that not only speaks to them personally but also retains value over time. As John Updike wrote, "collectors invest in the future, assembling a perpetuation of their best, most discriminating selves." 

At The ARTillerie we are also committed to developing careers of visual artists by focusing on their unique talents. We believe that an artist is no longer expected to be a solitary genius, but rather an international creative phenomenon with the ability to speak to audiences around the world.